Monday, June 9, 2014

The last of my amateur Christine pics

I Wonder Sometimes

    Maybe I am the way i am because the night I was conceived was a "Play Night" for Mom and Dad...Mom always was good with knots!

Oh Yes Kaaren

    Oh yes Kaaren that's the spot...oh my god Sissy....Oh Yes...

Sissy School - Tutoring For Oral Exams

    With oral exams coming up Sissy Kaaren was worried. She would have to get a perfect score to overcome all her demerits from her disciplinary infractions!
    Among the girls the rumor was that the schools head groundskeeper would help out a sissy in need sometimes.
    After some haggling Sissy Kaaren had reached an agreement with Mr. Johansen, she would suck his cock several times a day over the next week to prepare her for her exams.

    There was of course the matter of money in return for these favors. He smiled as she counted oit five ten dollar bills and handed them to him as she took him into her mouth! Mr. Johansen smiled, there was at least one Sissy every semester!

Availability - Sissy Training

    Relax Sissy, my sister has always wanted to try this and luckily I'm feeling generous tonight! So relax and let her enjoy you! Behave for her like you behave for me! Remember a good sissy should always be available!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Revelations - The Book of Kaaren

    We were hiking on a lonely trail and as always my mind drifted to thinking of sex! I'm not a religious person but when I looked toward my wife, stopped ahead of me on the trail, I had a vision! It was like a sign from heaven! This is where I must worship! It couldn't be clearer, heaven awaited me between her thighs! Seems right to me!!!

Now This Job I Like

    As an office temp worker you sometimes wind up in extremely high class firms! I was told that as the receptionist it was my job to greet the clients and make them comfortable. They told me to offer our clients a glass of wine and anything else they might want while they waited!
    I hope the regular girl never comes back!!!

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